Furniture and awesome pieces of wood

Made in Devon and Won’t Cost the Earth!

a few of the items we have available for sale. Please contact us to arrange shipping, or to discuss anything you have in mind.

Jointed burr alder occasional table top 

Burr Alder table top

Measuring Approx 800x 1150 x 35mm 

do you see the wolf head?



Huge Sequoia Dining table slab

Giant Sequoia live edge table top

measuring approx 130/3700/30 mm

live both edges.


Monterey Cypress dining table

Monterey Cypress dining table with sequoia inserts

measuring approx 890x1240x800mm tall


Monterey Cypress low table

Low Monterey cypress table on copper pipe legs

measuring approx 770x540x 390 tall


Spice rack

Spice rack in spalted beech

Measuring approx 570x560x100mm wide


Monkey puzzle vase

Monkey puzzle turned Vase 

Mearuring approx 290x16omm


Oak slab

Oak Slab potential Table top

Measuring approx 1200x700x40 mm wide


Monterey Cypress Slab

Monterey cypress Slab

Ideal for wall art feature or resin work? 

Mearuring approx 2400x650x30mm


Oak coffee table

Solid Oak coffee table

measuring approx 1000x500x560mm tall


Sweet chestnut waterfall table

Sweet chestnut waterfall coffe table 

Measuring approx860x450x390mm tall


Sweet chestnut platter

Sweet Chestnut Burr platter

300mm x 3o mm tall 

We work with a local wood turner who transforms some of the awesome wood we find as we cut.


Table lamp

Sweet Chestnut table lamp

Measuring approx 125x350 mm 

Designs can be specified .. if you are looking for a specific size and shape.. talk to us about what you would like us to make.


Burr Alder Flower Occasional Table

Local Burr Alder Flower Table

Standing approx 800/1000 mm tall

Standing on a beautiful soolid piece of Monterey Cypress. 

Totally unique


Wall Uplighter

Sweet Chestnut wall lamp

Measuring approx 100x350 mm 


Sweet chestnut cube wall light

Sweet Chestnut Wall Light

Measuring approx 150x 150 mm Square


Sweet chestnut wall light

Sweet Chestnut wall light

Measuring approx 100x350 mm 



Made-to-Measure Timber Products

Our bespoke timber is ideal for DIY projects, wooden furniture, and commercial construction.

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