Bespoke Timber

Made in Devon and Won’t Cost the Earth!

Specialising in Bespoke Timber Products in Devon

Discover the benefits of bespoke timber products from Little Silver Wood. Sourced and produced in Barnstaple, Devon, our timber is suitable for everything from home DIY projects and wooden furniture to large-scale commercial buildings. We also stock and source a vast array of wood, including oak, beech, macrocarpa, and sweet chestnut, which we will tailor to suit your ideas or design. Get in touch today to discuss your needs.


Our Clients

We have been involved in many exciting projects for diverse clients over the years, including:

Our Clients

  • Bars

  • Ice Skating Rinks

  • National Trust Properties

  • Listed Buildings


DIY Projects

Working on a DIY project? We supply bespoke timber for a wide array of purposes, such as:

DIY Projects

  • Shelves and Furniture

  • Garden Rooms, Sheds, and Lodges

  • Home and Mobile Bars

  • Business Premises


With an extra-large planer/sander at our disposal, we can plane, sand, and fine-sand slabs of wood up to 1.2m wide in a single pass. Contact our team today with any enquiries.

Made-to-Measure Timber Products

Our bespoke timber is ideal for DIY projects, wooden furniture, and commercial construction.

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