Bartop Wood

Made in Devon and Won’t Cost the Earth!

Supplying Ideal Bar Countertop Wood in Devon

Select the perfect countertop wood for your home or mobile bar with help from the experts at Little Silver Wood. Based in Barnstaple, we serve a variety of customers throughout Devon. Our team are experienced in (bespoke timber work) and we pay close attention to your needs and preference when crafting your bar top. With a variety of styles and materials available, we tailor our products to your preferences. Contact us today to get started.


Bespoke Solutions

We understand that every client is different, and we work closely with you to deliver the ideal countertop wood for your needs. Whether you want a classic, rustic feel for a home bar or a more contemporary vibe for a mobile bar, we’ve got you covered.


Appealing and Durable

As well as creating bar tops to your size and material specifications, we also treat wood for durability and aesthetics. Wood is treated to ensure resistance to spills, scratches, and regular wear and tear, as well as appearance. Our dedication to craftsmanship, quality materials, and personalised services delivers excellent results every time.

Quality Wooden Countertops

Our bespoke countertop wood is ideal for domestic and commercial bar tops.

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