Made in Devon, & won't cost the earth!

About Us

Based in Muddiford, near Barnstaple , Devon, Little Silver Wood has provided quality timber products to customers across the UK since 2014. 

Born from our sister company Greenfuels 4u Ltd, all our products are created with locally sourced wood, creating anything from cladding to roof shingles to give you a quality product that’s built to last.

We buy in commercial timbers from suppliers growing specifically for the purpose, but also take very local wood from many tree surgeons in the locality, making sure nothing is ever wasted.

Cut timber before being turned into our products

Our Beginnings

Our upcycling journey began when our sister company Greenfuels 4u bought in vintage cheese boxes, destined for our boilers to help run our wood drying kilns. After buying them we were inundated with calls for cut timber, which is now the mainstay of the business.

Beneficial for the Enviornment 

All the wood we use locally sourced from in and around Devon with nothing wasted, with our team taking wood that had to be removed for safety reasons, sent to landfill, or disposed of. Ensuring trees are not cut down for the sake of it.

The aim to be environmentally friendly is at the heart of everything we do, from running off-grid solar panels and supplying our own water.

example of our wooden cladding
Wooden shingles used on a roof

In High Demand

Our competitive prices and the demand for cladding, cut timber, and roof shingles, means we’ve begun to supply our quality products to customers across the UK. With each of our products being unique to your property and being beneficial to the environment. 

We deliver our products to customers across the UK, with a 24-hour, next day delivery service available for an additional fee.

Interested? CONTACT US for more information on the environmentally friendly timber products we create and deliver to customers across the UK.